Careers @ EECOL

EECOL Electric is Canada's premier Electrical Products Distributor offering entry-level and intermediate career positions with many great opportunities to advance. EECOL has over 50 locations in Canada where employees are given the opportunity to learn the Industry and grow with the Company.

The majority of EECOL's people started in entry-level positions and worked their way up to where they are today. EECOL's approach of promoting within builds loyalty in our employees and gives us the edge in the industry.

“While EECOL's company dynamic has evolved over the past few years, I feel that we continually keep a family first mentality. I can speak from first hand experience that this has helped me through my 26 year journey with EECOL. We continually put the well being of our employees and their families first and foremost.”

Mark Forbes
EECOL Electric - Head Office

EECOL has an excellent benefits plan including Extended Health, Dental Coverage, Long-term Disability, Life Insurance and a Pension plan to look after our employees in the future as well. EECOL puts a great deal of emphasis on employee safety and has programs, policies and measures in place to ensure employees go home safe to their families and friends each and every day.

“I have had the privilege to work for EECOL Electric for the past 21 years. EECOL has given me many opportunities to grow both professionally & personally. Throughout my years at EECOL, I have been able to step into multiple roles that have helped me choose my career path. While working for an amazing company, I have had the pleasure of being a part of such a great culture that has mentored, and guided me to succeed in my career. Being valued and the positive reinforcement really gives that cutting edge that I have always needed."

Sonya Ewing
Regional Credit Manager
EECOL Electric – Calgary

Career Development is very important in EECOL where an ongoing performance appraisal process is utilized to help our employees to reach their goals and realize their potential. EECOL supports and encourages training and education so employees gain the necessary knowledge and skills to take their EECOL career to the next level.

“One of the many reasons I love working for EECOL is the opportunities it provides for both training and growth. You don't just feel like a number, you feel a part of a team that wants to see you succeed and when you succeed the whole company succeeds.”

Tammy Cosens
Marketing Coordinator
EECOL Electric - Head Office